Disquieting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Disquieting:

And hence, possibly, arose the disquieting sensation that something was gathering, something that might take them unawares.

This was a disquieting discovery, and Matt thought that if he could levant without being seen it would be well for him to do so.

Crane was in President Castle's office, and his demeanor was that of a man who has heard disquieting news.

But before the ice was out of the river disquieting rumors began to breathe out of Higgins's Bridge.

Charity's spirits flagged and disquieting thoughts stole back on her.

But to Charity, in the reaction from her mood of passionate exaltation, there was something disquieting in his silence.

Spero at once detected the cause of the disquieting noise, and it terrified him, for it was impossible to close the valve again.

Such were the disquieting considerations which finally (p. 100) brought to a climax the relations of Russia with England.

The organizer smiled, his lips curling back over big front teeth; there was something disquieting and unsmiling in the look.

Her mind held only an outraged hate; her feelings quivered and rioted in disquieting turmoil.