Laborious [adjective]

Definition of Laborious:

hard, difficult

Synonyms of Laborious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Laborious:

Sentence/Example of Laborious:

On the following morning the Parliament met; and one of the most laborious sessions of that age commenced.

He was a man of great learning and eccentricity, and devoted his long life to laborious study.

He was a laborious writer, in which he was distinguished by his great learning and elegance of style.

He addicted himself to laborious studies and had an extensive knowledge of ancient and modern languages.

Even where conviction is obtained in such cases it is only after the most laborious and expensive processes and investigations.

The new art was laborious, severely simple in character, though she studiously made her articles.

This plan has the objections of being very laborious and making the boat very heavy to launch.

On Sundays, as on week days, the same business—laborious as it looks to outsiders—goes on.

Of that village, when I came into the world, my father was the honoured, laborious and successful minister.

In the first place, it would be laborious beyond measure for me, and dreary beyond measure for you.