Ponderous [adjective]

Definition of Ponderous:

heavy, cumbersome

Synonyms of Ponderous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ponderous:

Sentence/Example of Ponderous:

The man who faced the redhead was as light as his companion was ponderous.

Andy could see now that it was a roadster, low-hung, ponderous, to keep the road.

For he was ponderous, spiritually and mentally, as well as materially.

They made way for the man and his ponderous keys, and entrance to the college was gained.

Princes of the blood royal had sat in the ponderous carved oak-chairs.

The windows were small, framed, and set deep in the ponderous walls.

Not in her most ponderous and lightless masses will nature ever leave us 14.

“Wal,” the carpenter began, with a ponderous air of weighing his words.

Yet at the mention of her name a scowl darkened his ponderous countenance.

Her stolidity of manner and her logic, ponderous and irresistible, had their effect.