Lumbering [adjective]

Definition of Lumbering:

clumsy, awkward

Synonyms of Lumbering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lumbering:

Sentence/Example of Lumbering:

The same goes for Mark Madsen, the lumbering 6-foot-9 forward out of Stanford.

The firm foundation that Scattergood's strategy rested upon was that lumbering had not really started in the valley.

At last the day came and the journey was begun, first on horseback and then by a lumbering stage coach.

Jake was clubfooted, lumbering, with his jaws grown into great jowls of bone, his arms elongated and ending in hooks.

After he had all the fun he wanted out of the lumbering frigate, he spread all sail again and soon left her out of sight.

The Japanese are engaged chiefly in lumbering and fishing, but the Chinese are found everywhere in the province.

The most curious thing, however, about this work is the lumbering passage-writing of our graceful, light-winged Chopin.

A giant lumbering figure rose up in the bunker entrance, tall and swaying.

We will give him two more broadsides with grape through his stern windows, and then bear up after that lumbering merchantman.

Away went Gilpin, and away went post-boy at his heels, The post-boy's horse right glad to miss the lumbering of the wheels.