Resonant [adjective]

Definition of Resonant:

vibrant in sound

Opposite/Antonyms of Resonant:



Sentence/Example of Resonant:

The sound of the gong, seconded by the electrifying and resonant "Aboard!"

Thayer broke the silence which followed, and his accent was resonant again.

These were the glory of her countenance, these and her resonant black hair.

Look at their beloved bellies, so smooth, so elastic, so resonant!

"It shall be heard, then," said a voice: a voice inexplicable; resonant; divine.

You found a pleasure in the resonant sweetness of his voice.

The voice was hers, but its tones were resonant with contempt!

The words were spoken deliberately, in a voice that was resonant and slow.

They had hardly got settled when they heard the resonant tones of the announcer.

Therefore I habitually think of things as coloured and resonant.