Propulsive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Propulsive:

The words burst from him with the propulsive energy of total amazement.

In both the machines that we have considered the propulsive power was a screw.

The chief thing is whether they are propulsive forces in the destiny of his puppets.

The highest degree of human depravity, which is to be found in this propulsive will power, or Animal Magnetism.

Propulsive power depends upon the amount of air displaced, and the energy put into the thrust which displaces the air.

It becomes more than a support, it becomes a kind of propulsive force applied to the action at the start.

You can't tell from the crater what kind of propulsive device these characters are using.

The propulsive force of an idea in his own mind depended wholly upon its appeal to his practical judgment.

In either case there will be a jar to the vehicle and a loss of propulsive power.

Both these competitors flew the Farman biplane with the 50 horse-power Gnome motor as propulsive power.