Sappy [adjective]

Definition of Sappy:

foolish, sentimental

Synonyms of Sappy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sappy:

Sentence/Example of Sappy:

The wind had got into the sou' west, too—a delicious air, sappy!

Fat and green and fruitful may ye be, in the true and sappy root.

The sappy one set the leg and withdrew, programming a call for the next day.

This was in Western Ontario amongst a range of sappy pine hills.

It is not especially valuable for timber, because it is too sappy.

That is the way I avoid the winter killing of the sappy growth.

Now that he was in no danger Sappy had the sense to keep quiet.

He was a good deal of a character, and much better company than the sappy literature he was selling.

When a tree goes into the winter with sappy wood, it is injured, and we say it is not hardy.

And what does the wise, sagacious, sappy, perspiring man of wisdom like yourself who knows a thing or two do?