Drippy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Drippy:

Afternoon highs reach near 40, leaving things a bit drippy as the late-day sun tries to peek out as well.

Sometimes he goes to the brook and sits on a stone by a pool there, while I go wading and get my stummick wet and drippy and cool.

But Squire Sandal, though flushed and rumpled looking, had still the air of drippy mornings and hazy afternoons about him.

As I handed him the first slice of drippy lusciousness I turned my head away.

As I handed him the first slice of drippy lusciousness, I turned my head away.

They have got you now and you're all damp and drippy, and your best girl is having one hysteric after another.

The cat was very drippy and uncomfortable so my father said, "Wouldn't you like to come home with me?"

An Eastern tourist would venture out on the windswept and drippy veranda, of a morning after breakfast.

She nodded and wiped at her drippy nose with a clean handkerchief.

We stopped and picked him up, a drippy but grateful little creature.