Watery [adjective]

Definition of Watery:

liquid, diluted

Synonyms of Watery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Watery:

Sentence/Example of Watery:

The bullets of the enemy made "watery flashes" on all sides.

He had a watery feeling, as if just arising from a long illness.

The Indians had not been able to draw them from their watery grave, and obtain their scalps.

Take out the meat as whole as possible, split the tail, and remove the gut; and if the inside be not watery, it may be added.

Serifluus means flowing with serum, the watery part of milk.

The gills are crowded, light-brown, or yellowish, milk scanty and watery.

A southwesterly breeze had sprung up, and there was a watery look about the sky.

Sim's eyes opened; there was a watery humor in them which was not tears.

McGuire came over and faced Peter, his watery eyes seeking Peter's.

The shower had ceased and a ray of watery sunlight glistened on the crucifix.