Washed [adjective]

Definition of Washed:


Synonyms of Washed:

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Sentence/Example of Washed:

Was it the murmuring of the dark stream as it washed upon the untrodden shore?

She turned the hose on the car and washed the dust from it carefully.

Kingozi washed, dressed, had his breakfast, and sat quietly in his chair.

She washed the cups and some other things before she stopped in her work to listen.

As this was a stout rope, something must part, before we could be washed away.

The sheep were to be washed and sheared, too, and the awkward, weak-kneed calves to be fed.

Alpheios swung out of its banks and washed away the race-course for chariots.

Have ready a pint of rice that has been well picked, washed, and soaked.

Add some plums or dried currants that have been picked and washed.

They should never be wetted till they are washed for cooking.