Aqueous [adjective]

Definition of Aqueous:

fluid, flowing, melting

Synonyms of Aqueous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aqueous:

Sentence/Example of Aqueous:

At once cover the mouth of the tube with a filter-paper cap moistened with saturated aqueous solution of silver nitrate (1:1).

The molecular weight of alcohol in dilute aqueous solution is the same as in vapor form.

All solutions, including aqueous solutions, are thus brought into one general relation.

It is very likely that in aqueous acids, a large proportion, at least, of the hydrogen-ion is similarly combined with water.

The dose of704 each is similar to that of the aqueous extract.

The cortical portion of sarsaparilla yields fully 50% of aqueous extract.

Its aqueous solution becomes alkaline on keeping, from decomposition of the acid.

The fourth class was aqueous devils, as the various descriptions of water nymphs.

Nitro-glycerin was shaken with a strong aqueous solution of commercial K2S.

I think of you perpetually, but my thoughts are all aqueous; they will not crystallize—they are as fleeting as ripples on the sea.