Fusible [adjective]

Definition of Fusible:

fluid, flowing, melting

Synonyms of Fusible:

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Sentence/Example of Fusible:

It is a white crystalline fusible solid, insoluble in water, but soluble in alcohol and in solutions of the alkalies.

It is a crystalline solid less fusible than margaric acid, but closely resembling it in its other properties.

If the cementation be continued too long, the steel acquires a darkish fracture, it is more fusible, and incapable of welding.

These solders are all fusible at a low temperature, and they do not, as a result, have great strength.

It is much less fusible than ordinary soda-glass, and passes through a longer intermediate or viscous stage when heated.

Fuse wire is frequently made of lead or of an alloy of lead and other easily fusible metals.

This is practically one form of Rose's fusible metal with 15 per cent mercury added.

The "spelter," which is really only finely granulated fusible brass, is used for brazing iron joints.

It was also found that fusible metal either stuck to or contracted upon clean quartz so as to make a firm joint.

The second is "spelter," or soft fusible brass, and the third is an alloy of silver and brass called silver solder.