Molten [adjective]

Definition of Molten:


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Sentence/Example of Molten:

In a moment the cast drops like a breath on the molten silver.

Where it had been was only blackness and the dying glow of molten rock.

He felt it slipping down into his empty stomach, like a steam of molten lead.

These are mixed while in a molten condition, and are then allowed to cool.

His black hair, with the sunset full upon it, was like molten bronze.

Molten mercury, pure and rich, is found in the crevices of the rocks.

And his molten ponderings kept alight the fires in his face.

His blood turned to fire, and the hand of Death that smote him was as a hand of molten lead.

Through the trees the waters of the bay glinted like molten silver.

Every drop fell heavy and burning as molten lead on my conscience.