Glowing [adjective]

Definition of Glowing:

burning, bright

Synonyms of Glowing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glowing:

Sentence/Example of Glowing:

Hours later, a glowing profile of McCammond and Ducklo’s relationship was published by People.

A single glowing filament of electricity appeared between the leaders right before the flash of lightning.

His cypresses stand dark green against a brilliant blue or glowing yellow sky.

In 2008, Hughes wrote a glowing column describing the developer’s willingness to accommodate two of his clients’ needs.

While the jury is still out on just which problems can actually be caused or worsened by staring at a glowing rectangle, if any, it still stands to reason that constant binge-watching is a bad idea.

In May 2017, six months after the San Diego City Council signed off on a long-term financing agreement, port commissioners heard a glowing presentation from one of the program’s architects.

The wee infant Earth was just sitting there growingSome rocky things flying by, crashing and glowing.

All of them are unwitting but glowing tokens of what Washington football had become in the second decade of Snyder’s ownership.

With modern computers, he made movies of the data and glimpsed glowing strands of dust threading the solar system that emit infrared light as the sun heats them.

Online reviews can make or break a business, and a bustling “review farm” industry has sprung up to write glowing recommendations for pay.