Phosphorescent [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Phosphorescent:

They leered at him with phosphorescent eyes, yellow and purple.

Immediately the bottle began to glow with a phosphorescent light.

During the last hour the room had only been lighted by Porou's phosphorescent eyes.

Phosphorescent: shining or glowing in the dark, like phosphorus.

Had not the blue sea broken in phosphorescent ridges at their feet?

The sulphur polyporus is said sometimes to be phosphorescent.

These fishes, however, are phosphorescent, and thus furnish their own light.

The water is phosphorescent, and when it breaks over the reef it will shine in the night.

Phosphoridrosis is a rare condition, in which the sweat is phosphorescent.

The outline of the phosphorescent substance was developed on the plate.