Effulgent [adjective]

Definition of Effulgent:

glowing, luminous

Synonyms of Effulgent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Effulgent:


Sentence/Example of Effulgent:

Twas sunset time; but there was no sunset––no fire in the western sky: no glow or effulgent glory or lurid threat.

At the far end was a raised dais with a mammoth statue of a kneeling woman, sculptured of the same effulgent, agate material.

But the sons of Muspell keep their effulgent bands apart on the field of battle, which is one hundred miles long on every side.

My son mid crownéd monarchs held the first and foremost way, Now he rests upon the red earth, quenched his bright effulgent ray!

I beheld thy body, effulgent as the sun, decked with sandal paste!

And beholding those self-effulgent regions, Phalguna became filled with wonder, and made enquiries of Matali.

On the mountain Sree dwelleth happily, the effulgent Mahadeva with the goddess, as also Brahma with the other gods.

And, O effulgent one, mayst thou have safety from all the celestials and the Asuras, and the Vasus.

Shakespeare was a busy little dramatist, working away on the fringe of the great light cast by the effulgent majesty of Elizabeth.

For the moment it seemed that the fallen star flashed through her brow and lodged, effulgent, in her brain.