Lucent [adjective]

Definition of Lucent:


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Sentence/Example of Lucent:

Its wool was subtly, silky white, Color of lucent obliteration of night, Like the shimmering snow or—our Clothild's arm!

She was selfishly engrossed in her book, and sat in her room all day, with hair pinned tightly back and wild and lucent eyes.

After she had said this to me, weeping she turned her lucent eyes, whereby she made me more speedy in coming.

What incredible variety of men working beneath that lucent sky to what final end!

Yes,” she continued, with a flash of lucent eyes and a dimpling smile, “Jim has lost his whiskey and has a chance to sober up.

The sky had cleared; in the west shone a faint band of clear apple green in which burned one lucent star.

It was one of those clear, nile-green sunrises whose lucent depths go back a million miles or so; and my spirit followed on wings.

Where there had been sallow cheeks and an unwholesome flabbiness, the blood now shone in living pink through the lucent skin.

The gloaming had darkened, and the little small-paned window was a fretted sheet of dark and lucent blue.

Beyond it a clump of trees showed dark against the lucent sky.