Blazing [adjective]

Definition of Blazing:

on fire

Synonyms of Blazing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blazing:


Sentence/Example of Blazing:

Passing a bungalow that was blazing furiously, he saw in the compound the corpses of two women.

Her eyes were blazing with triumph, yet her lips curved with contempt at the attitude of her trembling father.

If it should ever be my lot to take the Long Trail at short notice, I hope it will be under a blue sky and a blazing sun.

Captain Vane came from the observatory, his face blazing with excitement and oily with heat, to announce the fact.

But one day when we marched beneath the blazing sun, we met a storm and found no shelter.

They were soon out-distanced, the palm-trees fell away, the soaring temple loomed against the blazing sky.

A lamp was blazing in the store and I could plainly see everyone gathered along the counter.

Coudrey, his face blackened with smoke, and his eyes blazing with the light of battle, came riding back.

When the guerrillas had gone, he rode up to Harry, his eyes blazing, and his whole body trembling with suppressed excitement.

In the first ten years of its rapid growth the city had burned seven times, millions blazing out in an hour.