Aflame [adjective]

Definition of Aflame:

on fire

Synonyms of Aflame:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aflame:


Sentence/Example of Aflame:

The sky was alight from zenith to horizon, the Nile aflame with sunrise, by the time the letter was written.

Aristide went back to his comfortless lodgings aflame with bewilderment, indignation and despair.

He had risen, and he was confronting his merry host very fiercely, white to the lips, his eyes aflame.

So I touched a button and set fifty electric suns aflame on the top of our precipice.

Crozier turned rather impatiently, for his face was aflame with some exciting reflection.

"I also want her," cried out Guy, his eyes all aflame and advancing toward his brother with a menacing look.

And so his words, aflame from a pure and passionate heart, come with the intensity of prophetic power.

Radetzky, the Austrian Northern Italy aflame commander-in-chief, proclaimed martial law.

The fellow looked sheepish, the girl's face was aflame and the tears stood in her eyes, yet the crowd guffawed heartily.

We saw him standing up, drawn to his full height, his cheeks aflame, his eyes flashing.