Afire [adjective]

Definition of Afire:

on fire

Synonyms of Afire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Afire:


Sentence/Example of Afire:

I also found the camp and the country round about burning, the said Ygolotes having set it afire only a short time before.

The insult that mademoiselle might overlook might even not have fully understood—set him afire with indignation for her sake.

The room should be moist with steam when the sulphur is set afire so that the fumes will act effectually.

On the floor he spread a lot of wet oakum wads to prevent the splashing of the metal setting the floor afire.

As supper-time came, they set this heap afire and let it burn for an hour or two, until the great flat ledge was at a white heat.

If that same paralytic were lying in his bed at home and you set the house afire he would jump up and run.

The rest of the livestock was turned from the corrals and the cabin and stables set afire.

Soon after, the cook smelt wood burning and searched the lower part of the house lest anything were afire.

He was coming like a house afire, his long hair blowing out behind him, and he was howling like a Comanche.

You may not set the world afire with your fame but you'll be worth hearing.