Vivid [adjective]

Definition of Vivid:

intense, powerful

Opposite/Antonyms of Vivid:

Sentence/Example of Vivid:

Weeks passed away, and with them the vivid memories of that time.

At this revelation a vivid blush glowed on Gracie Dennis' cheek.

This is so broad, however, that it may not make a direct and vivid impression.

The vivid beauty of her blush startled him, and she drew her hand quickly from his.

Simultaneously he received a vivid mental photograph of the locality.

But, foolish as we know them to be, they are not the less horrible to a child's vivid imagination.

On, therefore, we hurried, and soon the reality of the war was vivid to us again.

Vivid as it seems—all I suffer as I write is but a faint phantasm of what I then endured.

The early portions of the novel are especially truthful and vivid.

To this day it is as vivid before me, as if I had actually lived through it.