Graphic [adjective]

Definition of Graphic:

clear, explicit

Synonyms of Graphic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Graphic:

Sentence/Example of Graphic:

He will hire 15 to 20 people on the Verify team, including producers and editors, digital journalists, motion graphics designers and product developers.

Most recently, Shackelford worked as executive director of the Society for News Design — a group for media professionals who work in graphic and Web design.

Artechouse celebrates virtual-reality visionaries, but also graphic artists and designers.

Previous models had paltry integrated graphics hardware, but the Ryzen gear has Radeon graphics right on the chip, which should make for a marked increase when GPU performance comes into play during games and video editing.

VR games typically aren’t played for consecutive hours like flatscreen games, nor do they rely on the same graphics that often determine the price of other games.

Then it projects all that on an elegant graphic overlay of fires burning across California.

Capsule instantly and automatically processes the video, adding elements like music and graphics, pre-roll or post-roll, which makes the resulting video appear professionally edited.

New versions of the company’s H-series for powerful laptops, code-named Tiger Lake, can pair with mobile graphics chips from Nvidia.

A few local TV stations broadcast the graphic footage to lunchtime audiences across Pennsylvania.

The Hard Tomorrow, cartoonist Eleanor Davis’s 2019 graphic novel, is set in 2022.