Figurative [adjective]

Definition of Figurative:

not literal, but symbolic

Synonyms of Figurative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Figurative:

Sentence/Example of Figurative:

To use your figurative language, when this wormeaten monarchy is broken, what will come out of the ruins?

There is a generally accepted division of language into literal and figurative.

When a person says, “He is a bright boy,” he has used the word “bright” in a sense that is not literal; the use is figurative.

Figurative language employs words with meanings not strictly literal, but varying from their ordinary definitions.

The concentrations are figurative, but may be taken to represent actual concentrations, such as 0.015 molar, etc.

This use of the term is evidently figurative, borrowed from its application to veteran soldiers.

Uacchahi from uacchahal, appears to be a strongly figurative expression.

Perhaps this is only figurative, as in the case of the unpropitious forest-deities.

For it is true, nor do I see what should hinder me from thus understanding the figurative sayings of Thy Bible.

He was practical in mind, although passionate in temperament, and figurative in speech.