Flowery [adjective]

Definition of Flowery:

ornate, especially referring to speech or writing

Synonyms of Flowery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flowery:

Sentence/Example of Flowery:

Literally and figuratively, their lives seemed to wander through flowery pleasure-paths.

They wound through the flowery labyrinth whose mazes were her care and delight.

The Arab bowed low before the bishop and Bouillon, and muttered some flowery compliments in his own tongue.

She was a tiny thing, in a marvellous frock and a flowery hat and a silver girdle and chatelaine.

None of your vales, nor your dews and your roses—and your flowery fields, and your myrtle groves.

They'd talk be th' hour about th' beauties iv what Hogan called th' Flowery Kingdom.

Her life has been like one of the flowery paths we have been following through the forest.

Who for thy table feeds the wanton fawn, For him as kindly spreads the flowery lawn.

Pleas'd to the last, he crops the flowery food, And licks the hand just rais'd to shed his blood.

He made no flowery speeches, but declared that all the British were liars, and asked what new lies he had come to tell.