Purple [noun]

Definition of Purple:

blue and red colors mixed together

Synonyms of Purple:

Opposite/Antonyms of Purple:


Sentence/Example of Purple:

The robe of fine Milesian texture, was saffron-coloured, with a purple edge.

"But there should be another one," cried the man in the purple coat.

To one familiar with savage peoples there could be no doubt that these were close to the purple.

They dropped from his grasp, and I saw that his fingers were purple and black.

Gather the grapes when they are full grown, but before they begin to purple.

She had on a plaid shawl of purple, green, and red checkers, crossed on her bosom.

Mattup's face was purple and his eyes looked like wolves' eyes.

The fire burned with a purple flame, and its glow leaped along the walls.

A youth clad in a purple gown and wearing a lofty hat entered.

Suddenly he saw two persons in purple robes who had a summons in their hands.