Orchid [noun]

Definition of Orchid:

blue and red colors mixed together

Synonyms of Orchid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Orchid:


Sentence/Example of Orchid:

Daintily swinging, like clustered pearls, were the petals of the orchid.

Who shall claim to know his orchid who knows not its insect sponsor?

How are we to know that this blossom which we plucked is an orchid?

Angræcum, orchid of Madagascar, with nectary eleven inches long, 219.

He would also carry out his dream by making the orchid a gift to Lady Coke.

How high his hopes had been when he and the Dutchman had carried off the orchid!

The orchid had been a lesson to him against trusting any one with his secrets.

She cannot rise any higher in an orchid, so she rises in higher form in a man.

She cannot rise any higher in a tree, so she rises in higher form in an orchid.

The parcel of orchid pods, which you have so kindly sent me, has followed me.