Violet [adjective]

Definition of Violet:

purplish color

Synonyms of Violet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Violet:


Sentence/Example of Violet:

Mary regarded the owner of the store with grave questioning in her violet eyes.

Then she looked up at the lawyer, and there were new lusters in the violet eyes.

The rising of the stars, or the opening of a violet; each fact was a surprise to her.

Then the snowdrop sang a lullaby about the moss that loved the violet.

A long, long play-day it was to the little vine, the daisy, and the violet.

"We would not be so willing to go to sleep if we thought we should not awaken," said the violet.

Margaret held the violet, and Peter held Margaret's fingers.

Now there was but one violet left, and, both stretching for it, their hands met.

The perfume of violet scent was almost unbearable, but he did not flinch.

Back again to the thing you did, the plate glass with the violet loops?