Fanciful [adjective]

Definition of Fanciful:

imaginary, romantic

Opposite/Antonyms of Fanciful:

Sentence/Example of Fanciful:

Bobble hats were originally created to protect and pad sailor’s heads though now their primary function is fanciful fun.

As fanciful as that idea may sound, there are, it turns out, reasons for hope.

Another time she might have smiled at the thought as fanciful: it seemed awfully real now.

Orellana was very warmly received by armed swift-footed females, which originated the fanciful name Amazonia.

Fordun, like his compatriots, colours his narrative deeply with the fanciful glow of Bruce's patriotism.

"Yes," Amy said, selecting a pair of white satin slippers, with high French heels and fanciful rosettes.

The jealousy of commerce, however, is as fanciful and unreasonable as the jealousy of love.

It is not fanciful, with talking beasts, nor is it merely an exquisite idyl of the beasts themselves.

Even Crabbe's fanciful and delicate Jane might have thought without pain of sleeping here.

His long pointer was dancing a fanciful figure on the gigantic map of Russia.