Forcible [adjective]

Definition of Forcible:

powerful, aggressive

Synonyms of Forcible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forcible:


Sentence/Example of Forcible:

He had an excellent voice, possessed in a high degree the gift of concise and forcible expression, and his every word told.

No one could deny that Government had yielded in the face of noisy clamor and forcible resistance.

If the language is not forcible enough to convey your ideas, you will not make it better by underlining it.

The tragedies of Corneille and Racine are forcible and finished, and should be read because classical.

He caused his mother sorrow, by a dissolute life and by forcible inroads on the maternal purse.

They don't effect a forcible entry now-a-days for the sake of a coat or two; we'd better look in the dining-room.

His education having been rude and imperfect, the style of his writing was more forcible than pure or correct.

Forcible conquest and adverse occupation is nearly always the primary root of title.

If all men who set the example of forcible infringement of law are criminals, Gracchus was a criminal.

A forcible seizure of goods, before duties are paid or secured, by the power of the State, civil and military.