Punitive [adjective]

Definition of Punitive:

concerning punishment

Synonyms of Punitive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Punitive:

Sentence/Example of Punitive:

It is apt to be doubly so when, as sometimes occurs, it is punitive in intent.

"Sir Oliver has gone to Arwenack upon a punitive business," said he.

Of punitive police, political or moral, I have a wholesome horror.

The campaign was “a punitive expedition for the suppression of brigandage.”

The whole garrison is under orders for a punitive expedition.

They were neither a fighting rescue expedition nor a punitive one.

The schooner Colbore was therefore sent on a punitive expedition.

He was therefore entitled to punitive damages, but none were allowed him.

Be thankful for that; otherwise you would have had a punitive expedition here.

We then become the agents of Providence in punitive justice.