Revengeful [adjective]

Definition of Revengeful:

seeking revenge

Synonyms of Revengeful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Revengeful:


Sentence/Example of Revengeful:

Though not a revengeful character, he had not that meekness which never resents.

His malignant and revengeful passions were not so easily laid.

They are not talkative and boisterous as these are, but silent, sullen and revengeful.

She was fond of flowers, generous with money, and not revengeful.

He saw that she was jealous, but did not see that she was revengeful.

She felt cheated, stunted, revengeful because of this common fate.

They continued to smoke, but their meditations were tumultuous and revengeful.

Vindictive and revengeful, the wily enemy was fighting to the end.

Her whole being was seething with passionate and revengeful thought.

Magnus, as he grew up, showed an ugly and revengeful temper.