Drastic [adjective]

Definition of Drastic:

severe, extreme

Synonyms of Drastic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drastic:






Sentence/Example of Drastic:

The timing for when upfront deals take effect had seemed set to be one of the most drastic changes to the market and a sign of its overarching overhaul.

They decided if the number was above seven, it would entitle them to take drastic action to shut down society.

Because this is such a drastic statement, I can’t imagine the players would agree without some reluctance.

Cooper said there has been a “drastic reduction in overtime” in the last month or two.

Between the virus taking over huge numbers of cells and the immune system’s drastic efforts to contain the infection, a lot of damage is done to the body and a person can become very sick.

It’s not drastic to say that everything in American culture is being rethought — from policing and business practices to book clubs and history.

The disappearance of data-scientist job openings has been especially drastic outside of the US tech hubs, where postings were 51% below year-ago levels.

Meanwhile, the negative consequences for the media and advertising industries could be drastic at an already fraught period for the sectors.

Video advertising and social media trends reflect the most drastic changes in the mobile experience.

Clearly his business abilities were great; his reforms were bold and drastic, and success attended his efforts.