Aggressive [adjective]

Definition of Aggressive:

belligerent, hostile

Synonyms of Aggressive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aggressive:

Sentence/Example of Aggressive:

She also expressed regret for not being more aggressive internally to help right the ship on the response.

He’s a conservative “tough on crime” Republican who supports aggressive prosecutorial tactics.

Under an aggressive pro-Democratic gerrymander, they likely secure just nine safe seats.

She can be incredibly sexually aggressive, or she can be very frightened when someone just touches her hand.

One officer who had assaulted her briefly disappeared from her area of the detention center only to later return, becoming “increasingly aggressive and intimidating.”

While Houston finished as a merely average unit on D, the Rockets became far stingier and more aggressive after the trade to go smaller.

Even highly leveraged companies seen as risky after years of aggressive borrowing, like TransDigm, got in on the action.

Experts evaluating Nikola’s battery claims were skeptical of the company’s aggressive timeline.

New York has maintained aggressive restrictions on indoor dining and other businesses that can contribute to coronavirus transmission.

New York state made a miraculous about-face from the nation’s hotbed to a model for how to contain the pandemic with aggressive lockdowns and testing.