Invading [verb]

Definition of Invading:

attack and encroach

Synonyms of Invading:

Opposite/Antonyms of Invading:

Sentence/Example of Invading:

The troops invading France were palpably no more than the advanced guards of Prussia and Austria.

The triumph of the invading army would be the utter destruction of all connected with the revolutionary movement.

Mrs. Biggs was inclined to be a little severe on the two young men invading her premises, but Jack was equal to the emergency.

Night was beginning to fall, and a denser shadow was each moment invading the plain.

The invading hosts elected their chieftain, they and he had only a life use of the conquests.

He further engaged in a scheme for invading the southern colonies from inland with the help of the Indians.

Everything is now resting on Garibaldi: will he go on, without interruption, in his invading career, or will he not?

He dreaded the task of invading the agencies in search of a new nurse and there did not seem to be any other feasible arrangement.

He has my best wishes to manure the fields of France with an invading army.

First, they came around there and then they commenced invading.