Incisive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Incisive:

Immediately her own reassumed a harsh, proud set, her voice became even more incisive and cold.

He has six incisive and two canine teeth in each jaw, without reckoning the grinders.

His speech was rather incisive, considering how little he had seen of Paul.

Next above him in age is the host; shrewd, brusque, incisive of speech and manner.

The little woman was so combative and incisive that this always seemed a necessary precaution on the part of that gentleman.

"That is not true," thought Katharine; but she remained silent, although increasingly stirred by Mrs Stanhope's incisive words.

He had not the fine, glittering, incisive touch of Wendell Phillips's fatal sarcasm and vituperation.

But a few more incisive cameos of fantasy such as this, and Mr. Anderson may come to be identified as Karen's husband.

This gives us at once a simple, incisive, and absolutely inclusive method of classifying all known languages.

In contrast to those incisive proposals, another French officer breathed nothing but peace.