Lawful [adjective]

Definition of Lawful:

allowable, legitimate

Opposite/Antonyms of Lawful:

Sentence/Example of Lawful:

At issue was whether the charge was a lawful fee or an illegal tax requiring two-thirds voter approval.

While the May explosions were lawful under a state government decision, Rio has been accused of failing to act on information that later showed the heritage sites had greater significance than first understood.

So by that nature you are serving the country by working for people that are duly elected and carrying out all their lawful orders that they have.

In May, the Supreme Court referred a judgment on a petition calling for the restoration of full service to a committee of government-appointed officials—in essence asking the government to decide whether or not its own actions were lawful.

In an age of ubiquitous technology and strong encryption, such “lawful hacking” has emerged as a powerful tool for public safety when law enforcement needs access to data.

To give him a party name, he became an anti-clerical, strictly in a political and lawful sense.

What other channel, then, was open to the country through which to insist upon the recovery of its lawful rights?

Were it not lawful declarations concerning the manner of doing it would not be made.

It is the duty of a subject to swear allegiance to his lawful sovereign; at least he must stand prepared to do so when required.

It is dutiful for all who have the whole word of God, to use every lawful means in their power to make others know it.