Commanded [verb]

Definition of Commanded:


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Sentence/Example of Commanded:

Posey’s approach to commanding his kitchen set the stage for the American celebrity chef whose artistry was considered necessary in the most powerful American homes.

If the shortcut is already linked to a command, Word will tell you with a popup dialog box that also lets you disable existing shortcuts and add new ones.

They landed Ray on a low-risk contract, padding their rotation with a 29-year-old whose command slipped last summer.

The field goal put Dallas up 10, but it was a missed chance to take command of the game.

Much like Amazon, Google, or Apple devices, it will respond to commands through an embedded voice assistant.

Even in that case, a firm command of boundaries — bad-guy readiness — is essential.

Some were angry the command staff had received raises in recent years, while officers had not.

The bigger problem is that the Bills seem to be in command of that division now, with an 84 percent chance of winning.

That’s where self-serve provides a solution to publishers in every market — giving them the tools to truly command their ad revenue.

If one has a new kitchen, for example, it would command a higher price than a home that needs a total kitchen renovation if all other factors are very similar.