Vested [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Vested:

Where the authority is vested in a board, that board is usually appointed by the governor.

You have no vested interest to be imperilled by anything that I do.'

“They are the monied land-owners, the vested interests,” he put in.

Bessie is just awake, and has come out to survey her vested belongings.

Matters from the smallest to the greatest were vested in the local power.

No discretion on either head should be vested in any local authority.

The majesty of the law had not vested Caldew with any dignity in the old butler's eyes.

I'll remind you that this body is vested with all the dignity of the state of California.

It discharged all the functions of government; all patronage was vested in it.

In fact, so cultured was his speech that I can fairly say it was vested with an Oxford accent.