Robed [adjective]

Definition of Robed:


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Sentence/Example of Robed:

It was our Daisy, robed like a princess, who dawned upon our vision.

And I, the questioner, masked and robed so that my own brother could not have known me!

He could at least retire for the night robed as a man and a brother.

The pity of it was that the accident of birth should have robed him in the royal purple.

Marahna was beside him, robed in the golden garment of the priest.

Of course, she might have been robed in silk and lace, for she had enough and to spare.

The dolls were robed and the long strings were made fast to their necks.

Speaker is robed about with authority that does not pertain to Chairman.

He made no answer, but waiting while Owen robed himself, he followed him to the chapel.

Robed in white and closely veiled, she was quite motionless.