Exposed [adjective]

Definition of Exposed:

made public

Opposite/Antonyms of Exposed:

Sentence/Example of Exposed:

Agriculture is one of the industries that is most exposed and vulnerable to a shifting climate.

She is a model of the Brisk—the little Brisk that was sore exposed that day at Navarino.

Shopkeepers not only occupied both sides of the crowded streets, but half their wares were exposed in and over the dirty gutters.

Every human being behind that absurdly inadequate wall was exposed to constant and equal danger.

Great care is taken to turn them round daily, so that every part shall be equally exposed to sunshine.

He hesitated, and his glance fell on a collection of foreign stamps exposed in the window.

Shakspeare has not only shown human nature as it is, but as it would be found in situations to which it cannot be exposed.

As she spoke, she moved very slightly, letting her cloak fall open so that her long throat was exposed.

Among the roots thus exposed were placed fifty-three idols in all kinds of positions.

It was a most difficult and dangerous operation, for at any moment the Archduke John might appear on the exposed right flank.