Disclosed [verb]

Definition of Disclosed:

reveal, make public

Synonyms of Disclosed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disclosed:

Sentence/Example of Disclosed:

A mirror, turned towards an open door, disclosed the lovelorn Hephzibah in the next room.

It was thrown by a very dirty lamp, and disclosed a small court of unutterable meanness and inconceivable smells.

Barr had secured Kaden's homestead, and all this Jack Stewart knew, but had never disclosed.

His mantle raised at the shoulder disclosed a muscular arm covered with circlets of gold.

Today most of the clockwork motor talking machines are built upon the principles disclosed in the Macdonald Spring Motor patent.

A large cemetery has been disclosed along the main road leading out of the town.

The whole plan of the ancient town within the walls was disclosed as successive portions were uncovered.

He boasted of having "made a soprano out of Zambinella" and disclosed the fact to Sarrasine that this creature was not a woman.

Parts of important public buildings have been disclosed by the excavations, which are still progressing.

This magnificent plan was at first but partially disclosed to the public.