Impart [verb]

Definition of Impart:

make known

Synonyms of Impart:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impart:

Sentence/Example of Impart:

On the other hand, feeling crushed by an intense stressor, such as abuse or a parent’s death, can impart a sense of helplessness that leaves young people “fearful of it happening again,” Gunnar says.

Yet, when it comes to imparting information, there are many ways being schooled online right now is preferable.

The effective “temperature” of the beads from the combined trials could be derived from how they traversed the energy landscape, moving in response to the forces imparted by the laser.

Sometimes the value is in buying your service or product, but other times the value lies in the emotional connection imparted to the reader.

You can also implement extensions to impart more influence during the decision stage and garner increased user engagement.

They had proceeded a mile when Bruno came running back, showing by his manner he had news to impart.

We were much alike in our tastes and habits, yet there was enough of difference between us to impart a relish to our friendship.

They walked down the hill, stopped many times by returning citizens anxious to impart information.

The knowledge obtained from Billy Little the boy tried to impart to Rita.

If this method of approach is clearly understood, the parent need never be worried about the time to impart information.