Divulge [verb]

Definition of Divulge:

make known; confess

Synonyms of Divulge:

Opposite/Antonyms of Divulge:

Sentence/Example of Divulge:

The blog did not divulge specific statistics, but did say Wonder Woman 1984 has been illegally downloaded “millions” of times via torrent sites.

Worse, the algorithms are owned by private companies that don’t divulge how they come to their decisions.

Indeed, we asked participants how concerned they were for being negatively judged, and found the concern of being judged was the underlying mechanism determining how much they divulged.

Not that you need to divulge your entire personal life to co-workers, but sharing more of your “self” in the workplace allows you to bring your passions with you each day.

She had come forward earlier as she was taught to do, divulging a shameful secret to adults who said they would help her.

Privacy in divulging information about outbreaks is a concern.

“As I hope for future mercy, sir, I never will divulge it until you bid me,” replied Oswald.

Now the great Arun River was to divulge its secrets and we should see Everest again after nearly halving the distance.

To every appeal they heartlessly refused to divulge the key to the lock-in.

But he was not quite prepared to divulge just the precise thoughts that were in his mind.