Solved [verb]

Definition of Solved:

answer, resolve

Opposite/Antonyms of Solved:

Sentence/Example of Solved:

The men that have solved greater problems in the past will not be balked by these.

She had, too, unconsciously to herself, solved one of the mysteries that surrounded me.

Mrs. MacDermott solved the problem, not by letter, but by word of mouth.

I looked at the back of the letter, and the mystery was solved.

Do they not seem to have solved that secret which we are so painful in our search of?

But right now there was an enemy to be met and a mystery to be solved.

Have you solved a new problem, or are you thinking of a dark woman?

By Zeus, he said, the problem to be solved is anything but easy.

However, the difficulty was solved in a very unexpected manner.

At length the younger sister died, and so solved the problem of her future.