Cured [verb]

Definition of Cured:

heal, ease bad situation

Synonyms of Cured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cured:

Sentence/Example of Cured:

They cultivated a few plants around their wigwams, and cured a few pounds for their own use.

An instrument can be frequently cured of a bad description of tone by the slightest move of the post.

Neatly packed piles of the dried and cured leaf lay upon the table before them.

On these were fixed several pieces of meat, some of which were being roasted by the fire and some cured by the smoke.

It cured finely, burnt white and free, and in a short time brought high prices.

After it is cured they prepare it nicely in rolls and carots, the latter for manufacturing into snuff.

It is a fine smoking tobacco, and when cured properly is said to be equal to Latakia.

Was there any other Jones in the town who owned a small sloop and dealt largely in cured fish?

He had cured her of an attack of nerves five years ago, but she had ever since been beneath his hated thraldom.

The leaf when growing, is in color a fine green, and when cured is of considerable body and fine texture.