Disentangle [verb]

Definition of Disentangle:

unwind, disconnect; solve

Synonyms of Disentangle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disentangle:

Sentence/Example of Disentangle:

Researchers will have to disentangle the various ways in which the asteroid has changed if they hope to use it as a window into the early solar system.

Colonialism itself was broad and complex, and its modern-day outcomes are not easily disentangled.

Scientists are still trying to disentangle how much of the harm from hepatitis C is caused by the immune response against the virus rather than the virus itself.

By acquiring SDG&E’s infrastructure and instituting full public control of our energy service, San Diego can more easily and efficiently disentangle from fossil fuels and provide energy at a significantly lower monetary and environmental cost.

Ecologists need to recognize individuals when disentangling the complex symbioses and relationships that define a community.

In the future, more sensitive measurements of CNO neutrinos could help scientists disentangle the problem.

In order to carry out my wife's orders, I had to disentangle Susan from Liosha's embrace and pack her off rueful to the nursery.

You will probably see Williams before I can disentangle myself from the affairs with which I am now surrounded.

Miranda and the Queen curiously examined the quaint instrument, and helped to disentangle and divest it of its broken strings.

He cast his mind back over the interview, but failed to disentangle anything definite.