Emancipate [verb]

Definition of Emancipate:

set free

Synonyms of Emancipate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emancipate:

Sentence/Example of Emancipate:

In Georgia, he became a skilled barber and was able to earn enough side money to emancipate himself.

He might also emancipate an unmarried daughter, who thus in her own self became an independent family.

Conservatism cannot emancipate itself from the conditions of the age.

Can Sir P. Perring understand the difference between finding fault with others, and seeking to emancipate ourselves?

The second effect has been to break down family, local, and national ties, and emancipate the individual man.

It is necessary also to emancipate our minds from the obsession that only "ignorant foreigners" are affected.

Should the bourgeoisie decide thus to emancipate the proletariat, Throne and Altar are done for forever.

Does it mean the master shall not emancipate him if he chooses?

Hence the religion can at no time emancipate itself from its historical development.

Many of them were deeply sunk in debt, from which by their own resources they could not hope to emancipate themselves.