Unchain [verb]

Definition of Unchain:

give freedom

Synonyms of Unchain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unchain:

Sentence/Example of Unchain:

It was impossible for me to unchain myself, even at my greatest strength.

You must unchain the dog and take him to the milestone by the crossroads.

We cannot assume that Russia desires to unchain such a European war.

Such are the persons who want to unchain the hydra of revolutions!

At that date it was no little matter to coax him round to unchain his vessel.

May not a modern Riquetti unchain so much, and set it drifting,—which also shall be seen?

The royalists only awaited the favorable moment to unchain their vengeance on the capital.

I am yours to chain or unchain; I am your fighting man, your bloodhound, your leashed panther!

John orders his aides to unchain the prisoner and to fasten her firmly to the straw bed.

As the Revolution developed they trembled at the anarchic forces they had helped to unchain, and tried in vain to curb them.