Rescue [noun]

Definition of Rescue:

saving from danger

Synonyms of Rescue:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rescue:

Sentence/Example of Rescue:

“He fled, when Stephen made in to the rescue of my father,” said Dennet.

Mr. Gladstone said that the policy of the Government was to "rescue and retire."

The Greeks rushed to the rescue, while all Europe held aloof.

What might not be happening to Corney, she thought, while she was on the way to his rescue!

Alleyne stared open-eyed at this tigress who had sprung so suddenly to his rescue.

"This is what I call a rescue," whispered Yates to his linked companion.

Even then he would have been too late had not other rescue come more quickly.

Were it my nature to be other than a looker-on in life, I would attempt your rescue.

Suppose he were in a burning house, would she have the courage to rescue him?

But if we can take the ship, we may rescue them before they go down or reach land.