Heroics [noun]

Definition of Heroics:

saving from danger

Synonyms of Heroics:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heroics:

Sentence/Example of Heroics:

We left Mrs Sullivan sobbing in her anger, when her husband bounded out of the room in his heroics.

I have not borrowed much from Ibn Khallikan's heroics, but this is good.

Having a romantic temperament and a taste for heroics, I had wished to fight and eat hard tack for my country.

He himself has stood within the ruined Colosseum and re-echoed Byron's heroics.

There must be no heroics at parting; she would leave in the early morning and must reserve all her strength.

Peg was almost overcome, but being a real girl she was not given to such heroics.

Of course poor Selina looked for no sacrifice nor heroics whatever; she didn't even want him to say he was sorry.

Davis particularly is represented to have excelled himself in defiant heroics.

I am tired of heroics; Jimmie Turnbull was hardly the man to inspire them.

The fine heroics of such an exploit gives them a crazy delight.